China Metals Weekly

  Are you interested in Chinese steel market? China Metals Weekly can offer you the latest information on Chinese steel industry via email every Thursday, covering industry news, mill news, raw materials, market analysis and prices and so on.

  Price: RMB7,200 per year. Why not order it today? 

  News: the latest information and analysis on Chinese steel industry, covering macro-control policy, financial news, important event, steel output, import & export, and news from steel mills covering strategic development plans, cooperation each other, new capacities, technical innovation, etc.

  Raw materials: the market analysis of semi-products and raw materials, including steel billet, iron ore, pig iron, ferroalloys, coke, scraps etc.

  Long products report: an analysis report of current long products market, including wire rod, rebar, large and medium sections, H-beam, etc.

  Flats report: an analysis report of current flats market, including cold-rolled sheet, hot-rolled strip, plate, coated sheet, CR silicon coil, etc.

  Stainless steel: the latest information from domestic stainless steel producers and stainless sheets prices on some major markets.

  Tables: Steel price list: the list prices of some steel products in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang. Output, import & exports: the latest output, imports, and exports of crude steel, pig iron, coke, ferroalloys, major steel products, etc every month.

  Special report: a special report be published irregularly is an analysis on current steel market as a whole including full macro-economic data, rich statistics on output, import & export of steel and raw materials etc.

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